Since 2003, MARKIAA is a key player and one of the most competent solution providers in HVAC, Electrical and Mechanical spheres of Engineering which has capacity to deliver both in volume and quality at a time. We have a broad range of clients in Govt., Semi Govt., and Private sectors. Growing business bonds with emerging multinationals in the country are also an indicator of dynamic leadership and growth of MARKIAA. At MARKIAA our major goal is to convert customer’s problems into satisfied solution through a fully committed and industrious work force, cutting edge technologies, vast experience & skills and strict quality control through best practices at industry levels.

Why choose Evaporative Cooler ?

Evaporative Cooler is so great.

  • Upto 50% Cheaper to buy and install than other cooling systems.
  •  Upto 90% Cheaper to operate than air conditioning.
  • Good for your health. Gentle on nose, eyes and skin.
  • Minimizes recirculating of airborne germs.
  • Kind to allergy and asthma sufferers.
  • Good for indoor plants.
  • Designed to suit hot, dry climate.
  • Circulates fresh clean air.

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